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The Team

For safety and support, we always go to births with two people, the Midwife and a Birth Assistant. All of my Birth Assistants and Student Midwives are required to learn Neonatal Resuscitation, CPR & Birth Emergency Skills.


Deanna Snow

Certified Birth Assistant & Labor Doula

I have enjoyed working in the birth community for many years.  When I was expecting my first baby 29 years ago I became a student of pregnancy and physiologic birth. I have been blessed with 9 children (and 7 grandchildren, so far). With each of my pregnancies and my love of learning this led to also mentoring and supporting young moms from pregnancy and beyond in several different states. In the last few years I have been serving central IA as a birth doula and recently added Birth Assistant to my certifications.   The wonder and gift of birth will never get old. I count it a privilege to assist families in any capacity that I can in this season of their life.


Katherine Ward

Student Certified Professional Midwife, Massage Therapist, Doula & Birth Tub Rentals

I am an Iowa Girl with a passion for birth and babies! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with pregnancy and birth. I became a labor doula right out of high school and I quickly realized birth work was for me.


Then, I decided to combine my excitement for birth with my passion for wellness and became a licensed massage therapist in 2019, specializing in prenatal, postpartum, and infant massage. I am also a trained postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, and Stillbirthday bereavement doula. I trained with Stillbirthday in honor of my miscarried son, James.


Outside of birth & babies, I’ve taught piano for 10+ years and dream of owning a homestead. I enjoy spending time with my electrician husband, Connor, and busy little girls, Remi and Maisie. We love dancing (country or vintage swing) and cooking up tasty eats for entertaining guests.

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