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Mother Baby Bonding

Well Rounded Childbirth

Well Rounded Childbirth is a two-week natural childbirth course that’s full of evidence-based information, fun activities and sage advice for families who want a beautiful, empowering and gentle birth.

Whether you plan to give birth in a hospital or at home, this class is designed to help clarify what YOU want out of your birth experience and then helps you to achieve it.


I have been assisting families in Southern Nevada for over twelve years. I bring with me a realistic view towards birth in the Vegas valley and  try to incorporate many aspects of birth that are not covered in a typical hospital childbirth class. Empowered birth can and does happen all the time, with the right tools and preparation; you can go into labor feeling calm and confident to bring your baby into the world. 


What you'll learn


The information in this class should help you make informed, thoughtful, decisions regarding your care. I will walk you through each stage of the birth process. You’ll learn about pain relief options, comfort measures for natural birth, ways your partner can help you and what the common labor and delivery practices are in Nevada. Using your own birth preferences, we’ll put together a birth plan to help map out your desires for labor. ​​



$99 per couple, includes class book

*If a deposit paid, remainder is due the day of class.

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