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Why Kojic Acid Is Good For Skin Bleaching

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is a natural compound derived from various fungi and found in most skin lightening products. It’s found in a cream form mixed in between 2 to 4 percentages. When it comes to commercial skin whitening products, it’s one of the best to use. So, if you are wondering how to bleach your face or other parts of your body then kojic acid is the best option.

How It Works

This compound works by preventing the function of tyrosinase. Since the most important step in manufacturing melanin is inhibiting tyrosinase function, it’s able to prevent the skin from pigmenting which can then help to lighten the skin. Kojic acid normally penetrates deep down into the cellular layer of the skin so as to prevent the dark pigmentation from forming.

Is It Effective?

According to studies, kojic acid is very effective in the process of lightening the skin and it works in almost the same way as hydroquinone. It has also been widely researched by many scientists and dermatologists because it’s one of the best ingredients when it comes to skin lightening. As compared to other all natural ingredients, it has been proven to be very effective.

Also, when used in cosmetics, kojic acid has been found to be very safe. Although higher concentrations may be harmful to the body if you are looking for one you should buy the one that has a 2% concentration.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

The duration it takes to work varies from one individual to another. However, as the general rule, it can take up to 3 months to reduce the gray and brown areas on your skin. While it may take longer than other compounds its results are not only effective but safe as well.

Apart from skin care, kojic acid can also be used in food as one of the best preservatives. This is because it’s an all natural compound that can help to extend the life of a product. This means it’s safe hence can be consumed without any side effects. This makes it different from other skin lightening products.

Kojic Acid

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Skin Lightening Creams That Don’t Have Hydroquinone

Creams Without Hydroquinone

Most of the skin lightening products on the market today contain the chemical compound Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is known for reducing the melanin content in the skin which may not be ideal for the African skin. We therefore look at three African skin creams that don’t have hydroquinone, SkinBright, Epibright, Meladerm.


This is a gentle skin brightener yet very powerful. The product has been developed through Skin Lightening Creams That Don't Have Hydroquinoneyears of research and combines the most effective lightening ingredients that nature provides. The resultant solution is ideal for both men and women and plays a critical role in removing the different types of skin discolorations. They include melasma, hyper-pigmentation and age spots. It also lightens the skin by giving you a radiant healthy glow.

Its effectiveness lies in the combination of the nature’s strongest lighteners Alpha Arbutin and Kojic Acid. The two together with the natural moisturizers will soothe your skin and protect you while decreasing the level of melanin production. Alpha Arbutin is derived from Bear-berry tree and brings the benefits of a strong melanin inhibitor without the strong odor and toxicity associated with hydroquinone. Kojic acid on the other hand is derived from the production of Japanese wine, Sake. It is an effective skin brightening product on all types of skin including the sensitive ones.

The effectiveness of this product is reflected in the 100 percent happiness campaign, where you are guaranteed to get back your money within 60 days if you are not happy with the product. All you need to do is to contact them and then the you will get your refund.


This product is a combination of herbal extracts and approved lightening ingredients. This cream is gentle yet effective for skin bleaching purposes. It is a balanced product that promotes a long term radiance and smooth facial tones. For those who have been struggling with dark spots, this is the solution they have been looking for.

The cream contains herbal extracts that are perfect for the overall health of your skin. Its moisturizing effects stands out among the rest and have endeared it to many users. Its natural extracts makes it the best lightening cream for African skin. Bearberry and mulberry extracts together with the Alpha Arbutin ingredients give your skin the much desired radiance.
The product is safe to use and does not have any side effects. All its ingredients have been approved for the skin giving you the much needed peace of mind as you use the product.


Meladerm aims at reducing the signs of hyper-pigmented and discolored skin. This includes the dark spots or scars. This product gives instant results with effects felt within two weeks of use.
It is natural without any known harmful ingredients.

It is a preferred choice for most people having sensitive skin. The product works by brightening your skin and minimizing the visible pigmentation on your skin. You are expected to continue using it between two to three months for best results. It is made from natural ingredients such as licorice extract, Niacinamide, mulberry and Bearberry extracts.
The product can be acquired online from the product website (Civant Skin Care). You can therefore make your order today and expereince this skin lightening product.





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